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The 41st edition IAAF World Cross Championship Kampala 2017 at our historical and prestigious Kololo ceremonial grounds in the heart of Kampala offers us an opportunity to share with you and the world what our beautiful City has to offer.

Kampala is a cosmopolitan city originally built on seven hills, is Uganda’s Capital and business hub. Founded in the early 19th century, the city has experienced unprecedented growth over the years, not only in terms of spatial coverage and population, but also in stature.

Kampala is the to Gateway to Uganda’s cultural and natural diversity- the city is right in the center of Buganda, the largest kingdom in Uganda and with significant historical, social and cultural elements and features that will interest any visitor. 

The city boasts of unrivalled appeal as it nestles at the northern shores of L. Victoria. It enjoys a cool and fresh breeze from the lake as well as warm tropical temperatures all year round.

Besides the nice weather, Kampala is blessed with interesting attractions from historical buildings, museums, bird-watching trails, cultural sites, a vibrant nightlife, celebration of numerous festivals, and religious trails to a welcoming people which all make Kampala a natural choice for our visitors.  You will also have an experience to dine with the locals in an array of international restaurants and hotels with traditional, oriental and western cuisine as you learn about Uganda’s culture through music from open air amphitheatres and bands. We invite you to enrich your knowledge of the city by visiting us at

As a City Authority all has been done to ensure that your stay in Kampala is a pleasant one.  The rest of the offers a dream destination to all our visitors as it is endowed with abundant natural and cultural resources that form the basis of a lucrative tourism industry. Uganda, a country “Gifted by Nature” is characterised by some of the most diverse and unique assemblage of pristine eco-systems, scenic physical features, water bodies, variety of flora and fauna species and a fast and vibrant stable economy. Find time after the games to discover Uganda as Churchill’s fascination and observation of the country as the “Pearl of Africa” stand true to the test of time.

Once again welcome to Kampala and we wish you enjoyable games and a pleasurable stay.


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